Education is at the heart of our project. BirdPark Malta serves as an exciting location for school visits and educational sessions. The park offers attractions of particular interest to children and students with hands on experience at all educational levels.

Our guided tours provide detailed information about the many different species found at the Park, adaptation to habitats, flight, displays, song and calls, territory and pair formation, nests and eggs, migration and much more. School visits at BirdPark Malta are very much an interactive experience.

Students have the opportunity to interact with some of our friendly birds, mammals and reptiles whilst learning more about the beautiful creatures that make our world such an interesting place.

The guided tour and interaction session usually takes about 1.5 hours.

The students may then have their packed lunch or use our cafeteria facilities.

Special Price for Schools

The price for school visits is 4 Euro per Student.
1 adult with every 15 students enters free.
Learning Support Assistants accompanying any student enter free.

Higher Education

BirdPark Malta is proud to offer support for higher learning. Students have the opportunity to visit the park as part of their course, also behind scenes, enhancing their learning experience. Students can carry out research projects at the Park on a variety of subjects including husbandry, behavior, enrichment and zoo based conservation.

Anyone interested in carrying out a research project at BirdPark Malta can submit their application using a form available by e-mail from